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Boost the Aesthetic Value of your home Using Energy Efficient Window Treatments


How you manage and decorate your home portrays how organized you are. There is no better feeling than staying in a well decorated house during the weekends and holidays. Other than buying expensive furniture for decoration, you can try using window treatments or coverings. Such coverings can also be used for conservation of energy.  For more design ideas pertaining to window blinds, shutters, and treatments, visit Blinds Etc.

What are window treatments?

They are aesthetic and functional coverings placed on, inside or over windows. In most cases, window treatments are used for controlling the amount of natural light inside a home and to provide privacy. However, most people tend to grasp the decorative nature of window treatments.

Some window treatments such as coverings can be used as insulators against cold or heat. For instance, window awnings can reduce the heat by 70% during summer. This minimizes the cost of running HVAC. Good examples of standard window coverings include shutters, blinds, cornices and valances.

What about the blinds?

Window blinds are coverings which are suitable for summer when less heat is required in the house. They are not suitable for winters. Blinds can be used wither vertically or horizontally. Generally, there are two types of window blinds:

  • Exterior blinds

They are mounted over the window. They also have side channels which guide them during lowering and raising. Exterior blinds are made from aluminum, vinyl, wood or steel.

  • Interior blinds

They have numerous openings between slats hence can be ineffective in controlling heat loss. However, they can be very flexible during summer. For instance, they can be adjusted for controlled ventilation and light. In addition, they can be used to reflect light to a light colored ceiling for more glare.

What are shutters?

Shutters are stable and solid window coverings which are comprised of horizontal and vertical stiles. There are two types of shutters; Traditional types and Plantation types. A traditional shutter is the classic type which is has a 3/4 inch thick frame. They are suitable for small windows.

window blindsPlantation shutters are mostly used on wider windows. They are also installed outside the house where they can offer protection against elements and add some aesthetic value to the exterior design.

What should you do when selecting window coverings?

When it comes to this, it is all about what you prefer. Consider the type of mood you want. For instance, a combination of curtains, scarves, drapes and valances bring in more comfort and warmth while interior shutters add a tropical touch in your home.


Window treatments can be used for many purposes hence should be selected correctly. If you don’t know how to install them, ask a professional to do it for you. Decorate your home today.

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